Here you will find a lot of information that will help you quickly understand and use the Gleeo Time Tracker Android App and Sync&Team / Web Application.



Synchronize your data with all your Android devices, edit your data in a web application and share projects with other Gleeo Time Tracker users. Optionally it is possible to capture the current location to a time record.

Start Web Application

Guide for the Gleeo Time Tracker Sync&Team service

First steps

Subscribe for the Sync&Team service

Step 1: In the Android main menu select Sync & Team (Service).

Step 2: In the submenu select Activate service.

Step 3: Select one of this three options. Select Existing Gleeo-Subscription if you have already a Gleeo-Subscription or if your account is enabled through the Gleeo-Subscription of another user.

Step 4: The Gleeo web application opens, when you have selected New Gleeo-Subscription by the last step. Here you select the email account you like to use for the Sync&Team service. This email account has also to be available for your Gleeo Time Tracker app.

Step 5: Here you define how many users you would like to enable for your Sync&Team subscription. In the web application, you can add or remove email accounts to increase or decrease the number of users.

Step 6: Payment is processed through Stripe. Your credit card information is never shared with Gleeo.

Subscribe for the Sync&Team service

Step 1: In the Android main menu select Sync & Team (Service).

Step 2: In the submenu select Subscribe.

Step 3: Activate the subscription via Google Play.

Manage account (for Gleeo-Subscription only - not for Google Play subscription)

Manage your Gleeo-Subscription within the web application. You can every time expand or reduce the subscription, depending if you like to use the subscription for your self only or if you like to use it for several members.

Open the Manage account area via the man menu.

In this area, you can expand or reduce the subscription, change the used credit card or cancel the subscription. Depending for how many user you have subscribed, you can add here further email accounts. After you have added a further email account, this user has access to the Sync&Team service by the Gleeo Time Tracker app and he has also access to this web application.

First synchronisation

At first, the currently existing Gleeo Time Tracker app data are synchronized to the Sync&Team service. After that, the data are available via the web application and can be synchronized to another Android device where the same Google account is used.

Step 1: Select a Google account for synchronisation. Click on the sync button (arrow circle on top right) if this green panel is not coming up automatically.

Step 2: Set an encryption password for each domain. In the show case for the domain Standard. The encryption password has no relation to the Google account password.

Start of the web application

In order to use the web application, the steps above has to be executed. Through the steps above, the used Google account is registered and activated at the Sync&Team service.

Step 1: Start the web application with this URL and select Log in.

Step 2: The login is made via Google through OAuth2. You have to use the same Google account as used for the synchronisation in the Gleeo Time Tracker app.

Step 3: The Sync&Team service needs the privilege to check the login via a Google service.

First start of the web application

Step 1: After the login, the time data overview is shown containing a hint for encrypted data. A click on the red question mark gives some background information. From the Gleeo Time Tracker app, the data are uploaded in a encrypted form. The web application gets this encrypted data and the browser has to decrypt. For this, in the web application you have to enter the same encryption password like in the Gleeo Time Tracker app.

Step 2: In the domain overview, domain names are rendered red when the password is wrong or missed. With a click on the green button, the appropriate domain edit panel opens.

Step 3: You have to enter the same encryption password like in the Gleeo Time Tracker app for this domain.

Display time data

#1 | Switch between the overview and the time entries table. Click Overview to get the domain, project and task totals. Click Table to see the time entries for the selected period.

#2 | Click the button on the left, to show or hide the underlying projects and tasks. Click the button on the right, to switch to the table view. The selected element is automatically used in the table data filter.

#1 | Select the desired time range.

#2 | The total for the currently visible time entries.

#3 | Full text filter to restrict the visible time entries. For example to a specific detail or to a user name.

#4 | Action buttons to manipulate table data.

#5 | Restrict the visible time entries to the selected domains, projects or tasks.

#6 | Opens the settings dialog e.g. to control the time entries table or the export options.

#7 | Select to edit or delete a time entry.

The filter symbol indicates, which elements respectively which time entries are displayed. With a click on the scissors symbol underlying entries are excluded.

#1 | Displays a bar chart for a fast overview about the existing time entries.

Share domains

Step 1: With a click on the blue button at the right of a domain row (#1), you can open the member management page.

#1 | Change domain name or domain encryption password.

#2 | Clones a domain with all his projects and tasks but without the related time entries.

#3 | Releases this domain from the synchronisation.

#4 | Opens the member management page.

Step 2: All members of the selected domain are listed with the currently assigned privilege. The assignment of a privilege is done by a selection of on of the options T0, T1, T2, T3 or T4. The assignment is immediately active (no confirmation).

Step 3: A new user can be invited to a domain by entering his email address and pressing the button Invite user for this domain . You have to enter the email address which the new user uses in his Gleeo Time Tracker for the Sync&Team service.

Step 4: The new user gets a email with a link to accept the invitation. Until the new user has not confirmed the invitation, he is listed under pending invitations.

Show captured locations

Step 1: In the app or in the web application setup the location capture periodicity per task.

Step 2: In the web application below the time entry table you can display the captured locations.