Here new features and changes are listed for the Gleeo Time Tracker Android app and the Gleeo Time Tracker web application.

Change history of the Gleeo Time Tracker app


VERSION 4.1.36 - 4.1.37 (actual)

  • Recording display on app start icon (unfortunately only supported by a few Android devices and app launchers)
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.35

  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.34

  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.33

  • Overlapping and adjusting entries feature by day transition improved
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.32

  • Backup and backup error messages improved
  • Pro Version: Multiple subscription periods
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.31

  • Pro Version with Geofencing
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.30

  • Overlapping and adjusting entries feature improved
  • Use OS theme setting, optional, default is on
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.29

  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.28

  • Dark Mode with darker colors
  • Number of last used tasks configurable
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.23 - 4.1.27

  • Auto expand record view header depending on last expand/collapse user action
  • Use the time picker with two selection rings by default
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.22

  • In the report view, quick creation of data filters by clicking on a bar chart entry
  • Note if or why no projects/tasks are displayed
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.20 - 4.1.21

  • Option to use the time picker with two selection rings.
    Because this component is only available as an Alpha version, the option switched off per default.
    For more information, see the Gleeo Time Tracker settings in the General area
  • Time picker opens with last used input mode (numeric input or dialer)
  • Bug fix related to daylight saving time changeover


VERSION 4.1.18 - 4.1.19

  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.12 - 4.1.17

  • Calendar in timeline with one and two weeks mode
  • Current recordings highlighted in the recording view
  • Notification channel names changed
  • Ability to switch from the app settings for notifications directly to the corresponding Android settings to set behavior such as vibration or sound.


VERSION 4.1.10 - 4.1.11

  • Delete domain simplified
  • New charsets for the CSV-export/import file encoding added (Settings -> Export... -> CSV encoding)



  • Element selection list optimized
  • Adjust adjacent entry when start time is moved back on record start


VERSION 4.1.6 - 4.1.8

  • Landscape format (suppressible)
  • Report with enough color contrast (full colored optional)
  • Insert new projects at the beginning of the domain
  • Insert new tasks at the beginning of the project
  • Supports multiple text fragments in details search



  • Bigger task names
  • OS font size adapted to timeline, record and report screen
  • Create task via text field in time entry dialog
  • Merge task feature (like in v3)
  • Bulk data management for favorites, visibility and active state
  • Report considers wrong data from old v3 version



  • Report export also as text only
  • Faster change between timeline, record and report screens



  • CSV export duration format configurable
  • Direct access to delete button in timeline



  • Projects grouping for tasks in FAVORITE TASKS and RECENT USED TASKS view mode optional (default is new a flat listing)



  • Additional options in task search
  • Unhide projects and tasks via the "add" functions



  • First official version 4 release
  • Easier start/stop task via timeline
  • Filter shortcuts in timeline for selected time entry


VERSION 4.0.0 - 4.0.99

  • Beta releases


VERSION 3.2.24

  • Configurable duration preset for manually added time entries
  • Element sort considers numeric values (optional)
  • Export time format configurable (24h or AM/PM)
  • Takes task extra and task detail parameter from Automagic start recording event
  • Sync&Team: Synchronize project colors (optional)
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 3.2.14 - 3.2.17

  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 3.2.13

  • Option for autom. zoom of timescale on record screen (fullscreen mode)
  • Option for reverse alphabetical sort for projects and tasks on record screen
  • Option for parallel recording as default for newly created projects
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 3.2.12

  • Textfilter on timeline and report screen
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 3.2.0 - 3.2.10

  • New record screen modes (FAVORITE TASKS, RECENT TASKS)
  • Textfilter on record screen
  • Report screen with preset All
  • Configure first day of month for report and export
  • Detail text filtering supports multiple words
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 3.1.81 - 3.1.82

  • Alphabetic sort function for projects and tasks
  • Light-Theme as default
  • Sync&Team service: Account selection panel on registration
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 3.1.79 - 3.1.80

  • Timeline: Filter for overlapping time entries
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 3.1.77 - 3.1.78

  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 3.1.58 - 3.1.76

  • Sync&Team service: New payment method (improvement for organisations with several members)
  • Sync&Team service: Stop of running records via web application
  • Adding of 24h time entries for long term recordings configurable
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 3.1.57

  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 3.1.55 - 3.1.56

  • Google Drive backup upload optional as starred
  • MIME type for CSV export configurable (text/csv | text/plain)
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 3.1.45 - 3.1.54

  • Time zone support
  • Enhancement of internal backup (e.g project colors, visible states etc.)
  • Bugfixes and optimisations


VERSION 3.1.44

  • Bugfixes and optimisations


VERSION 3.1.43

  • Bugfixes and optimisations


VERSION 3.1.42

  • Bugfixes and optimisations


VERSION 3.1.37 - 3.1.41

  • Tips&Info replaced with Support menu and panel (contains amongst others a link to the online help and the FAQs)
  • Unified and improved elements selection (domains, projects, tasks) including a active/inactive filter
  • Projects with aktive/inaktive state (analog task)
  • Sync&Team: For devices with Android 6 and newer - Location capturing improved and directly integrated (add-on app no more necessary)
  • Bugfixes and optimisations


VERSION 3.1.36

  • For devices with Android 5 and 6: More options for notification on lock screen
  • Bugfixes and optimisations


VERSION 3.1.35

  • Notification for wearables slightly improved
  • Bugfixes and optimisations


VERSION 3.1.33 - 3.1.34

  • Option to deactivate the 'not-recording' notification
  • Notification title improved
  • Bugfixes and optimisations


VERSION 3.1.24 - 3.1.31

  • For devices with Android 6 and higher: SD card write permission required only when internal backup is enabled
  • For devices with Android 5 and higher: Start and stop current recordings directly via a notification (particularly useful on Android Wear devices)
  • Swipe from timeline to record screen disengageable
  • Sync&Team: Synchronisation of running time records (suppressible)
  • Sync&Team: Location capture at running time records (suppressible)
  • Bugfixes and optimisations


VERSION 3.0.33 - 3.1.23

  • Sync&Team service (optional)
  • Parallel time entries in separate columns
  • Day time axis in record view (on max. details)
  • Improve of domain filtering in record view
  • Each weekday as first day of week usable
  • Toggle state 'Domain' in report view
  • Bugfixes and optimisations


VERSION 3.0.31 - 3.0.32

  • Details flag favorite / no favorite definable directly in time entry dialog
  • Ability to configure automated details import for each task separate
  • Direct pause insert (without use of predefined time intervals)
  • Splitting of time entry through pause insert with identical start- / stop-time
  • Bugfixes and optimisations


VERSION 3.0.30

  • Date range preselect list including This & last week
  • Existing task names list on task creation
  • Bugfixes and optimisations


VERSION 3.0.27 - 3.0.29

  • Option to round report totals on day basis
  • Option to show timeline and report with black background
  • Option to use the old date- and time-picker
  • Bugfixes and optimisations


VERSION 3.0.26

  • Toolbar pause button configurable visible
  • Identical duplicate entries allowed (e.g. for counting something with record threshold 0)
  • Bugfixes and optimisations


VERSION 3.0.22 - 3.0.25

  • Bugfixes and optimisations


VERSION 3.0.21

  • New hierarchy level (domain)
  • Domain filter in the record view
  • Element selection filter down to task level
  • Element selection filter visible/hidden
  • Element selection with select all option
  • Start-/Stop-button also on top of record view
  • Details handling improved
  • Details selection with favorite filter
  • Details proposal on record start
  • New date- and time-picker
  • Encoding-Choice for CSV-Export/Import
  • Sync&Team service with web application (Subscription / only in beta version)
  • Several fixes and improvements