Track time with a single click!

Gleeo Time Tracker allows efficient and exact time recording. The user interface is optimized for devices with Touch-Screen and differs in an considerable manner from conventional PC programms. Jump with a single touch from one project to another and track time with minimal effort. Always access the on-the-fly statistics and keep your recording times at a glance. 


Manage with Gleeo Time Tracker as many projects and tasks as you like. Jump from one project-task to another with ease. This way you can record your working times precisely and effortless.

 on-the-fly Reports

Navigate intuitively in the animated timeline and show on-the-fly reports for arbitrary times within seconds. The reports contain project times for the chosen day, week and the entire month.


The times recorded in Gleeo Time Tracker can be exported by mail or Bluetooth. This lets you arbitrarily reuse the data in other data processing tools like Excel, OpenOffice or a billing software.


Synchronize your data with all your Android devices, edit your data in a web application and share projects with other Gleeo Time Tracker users. Optionally it is possible to capture the current location to a time record.

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