Here you will find a lot of information that will help you quickly understand and use the Gleeo Time Tracker Android App and Sync&Team / Web Application.

Tips for handling Gleeo Time Tracker Version 2.1.36 and newer




























Create a project and start with time recording

In this short video you can see how to create a project with tasks and how to start with time recording.

Enable subtitles:



Each time entry can have a free-text. Often you will use such a text in several time entries. Gleeo Time Tracker supports you by this. How exactly and how you enter or change a time entry detail, you can learn in this short tutorial.

Create and change time entry details

With a click on the button with the pen icon you can open the time entry edit dialog, where you can insert the time entry detail text.

In the yellow marked input field, you can enter the time entry detail text. if you change here an existing text, only this time entry is affected of this change. Other time entries which contains the same time entry detail text, are not touched of a change here.

Klick on the "..."-button to select an existing time entry detail. Via this button you can also change a time entry detail text for all time entries.

With a click on a text item you can select an existing time entry detail. You can select an existing time entry detail of another task, project or domain. With the Level-filter on top right you can shrink the selection.

Via the button with the pen symbol you can edit an existing time entry detail.

When you change here a time entry detail text, this change affects all time entry which contains this time entry detail. How many time entries are affected you can see with the yellow marked number.

Filtering by favorite marking

Within the time entry edit dialog you can designate a time entry detail as Favorite or as No Favorite. If you like to reuse a time entry detail, it is recommendet to designate them as als Favorite. If you think you will not reuse this time entry detail, you can designate it as No Favorite. With this approach, you can get a better overview about your existing time entry details and therefore a faster selection of existing time entry details.

In the details dialog you can list all your time entry details. Every time entry detail has a star in front. the star is fullfilled if the time entry detail is designated as Favorite Otherwise, if the time entry detail is designated as No favorite, the star is just outlined.

Tip: With a click on a star in from of a time entry detail, you can change the designation of this time entry detail very fast.

Now, with the Favorite filter, you can make visible the Favorite time entry details only.

Add existing time entry details automatically

As experience shows, often by a start of a new record, the same time entry detail as in the previously recorded time entry (for the same task) is needed. With this two options you get an automatic support for that.

If the option Autom. details import and Show options panel is activated, on a record start the green option panel is shown. After 5 seconds the green option panel dissapears and the time entry detail gets imported.


Option No: Nothing gets imported.

Option Edit: The time entry edit dialog opens. You can edit the time entry detail.

Option Yes: The time entry detail gets imported and the green option panel disappears immediately.

With selection of option Yes.

With selection of option No.

Time zone support

The time zone is the deviation from the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Note: Because of the daylight saving time, the time zone can change during the course of a year about one hour (e.g.. New York: normal time = UTC+5 / daylight saving time = UTC-4)

For a time entry, beside the start and stop time, also the time zone is stored. With this information, it is possible to display a time entry always in the same manner, independat of the current valid time zone. For example when a time entry was recorded in New York while daylight saving time (UTC-4) from 08:00 AM to 12:00 AM and you are currently in Berlin (UTC+2), this time entry is still displayed with 08:00 AM to 12:00 AM. You can see immediately, what time of day a time entry represents.

Internal Backup

The Gleeo Time Tracker app writes backups, when the Internal backup function is explicitly turned on via the menu → SettingsInternal backup. Following data are written on to the so-called internal SD card.

  • Time entries with domains, projects and tasks
  • Project settings (colors, visibility states, activation state, parallel recording state)
  • Task settings (visibility states, activation state, Sync&Team service: Location capture interval)
  • All settings which are available via the settings menu

The path to the backup directory can slightly differ from device to device. On a Nexus 5X with Android 7 this is the backup directory path:

To avoid data loss, beside enabling the Internal backup, it is highly recommended, to use at minimum one of the following actions periodically:

  • Gleeo Time Tracker menu → Manage dataExport time entries
  • Enable the Gleeo option Google Drive upload
  • Copy the backup directory periodically to a PC
  • Use the Sync&Team service (monthly fee)

Internal backup vs. Android function Backup & reset

Android 6.0 and newer offers the function Backup & reset. This function saves app data automatically on Google Drive. For Gleeo, this function is explicitly disabled, because not every Gleeo user like to upload his data to Google Drive. Further more, the Android Backup & restore function makes backups only when some requirements are given (Wifi connection, device is in sleep mode, device is charging). For some users, this requirements might be rarely fulfilled. But Gleeo offers the function Google Drive upload which uploads data from the Internal backup to Google Drive. When this functions are enabled, every time when Gleeo gets closed, a backup is written and given to Google Drive. Once Google Drive is ready to access the service (e.g. by a Wifi connection), the data gets uploaded to Google Drive.

The Android Backup & restore function saves one snapshot. However, the Gleeo Internal backup and Google Drive upload functions save the latest 100 changes.